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Where to Shop: 27 Stores That Are Pet Friendly

Where to Shop: 27 Stores That Are Pet Friendly

June 1, 2016

As summer is fully upon us and the opportunity to leave your pooch in the car for a quick errand is past, these stores have fully jumped on the pet bandwagon and will allow you to bring your pet in for that quick shopping experience. And while most pet stores (including ours) and pet supply stores (also including ours) are a no-brainer for being able to bring your pet in, some of these other places you might not have guessed are pet friendly! Please enjoy, and hopefully frequent, the following list:

Abercrombie & Fitch
Hobby Lobby
Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft
Tiffany & Co.
Bath & Body Works
Home Depot
Pottery Barn
Bass Pro Shops
Barnes & Noble
LUSH Cosmetics (their products are also famously not tested on animals, I highly recommend them!)
Urban Outfitters
Free People
Foot Locker
Old Navy
Sacks Fifth Avenue
Tractor Supply Co.
The Apple Store

We thoroughly hope this list helps out next time you have your pup in tow and need to make a stop, or even if you want to work on how your pet behaves in an outside environment for training purposes. As I said above, our Petland Kennesaw store welcomes pets of all shapes and sizes, fur or feathers! As always, thank you for reading our blog!

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