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Bringing Puppy Home: What You Need

Bringing Puppy Home: What You Need

March 25, 2016

Bringing Puppy Home: What You Need

It happened. You fell in love.

Now, it’s time to take your new family member home.

Are you sure you have everything you need for your first days together?

The staff at Petland Kennesaw have matched puppies with new families for many years, so we’re experts on making sure those matches end up being the perfect fit. It starts on knowing the right supplies you need to make everything perfect for puppy’s first week home.

Here’s what we recommend you have in advance to make sure your first days with puppy are the best they can be.

● Dog toys – make sure they’re designed for a new puppy. Toys for full grown dogs can be too tough on a young puppy’s teeth.

● Dog treats – to help get a head start on training!

● Dog food – this should be puppy formula food. Puppies have special dietary requirements in the first stages of their life.

● Bedding – provides comfort for the new puppy and a designated place to sleep in.

● Cleaning Supplies – despite that cute face, your puppy WILL have accidents, so it’s best to be prepared with cleaning equipment in advance.

● Dog Grooming – if puppy makes a mess or gets into one, have puppy shampoo and brushes available to help get her clean.

● Dog Leashes and Collars – so you can take your new family member out for walks and start leash training

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