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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • Good deals decent prices

    thomas dabson

  • Got an adorable little dachshund puppy from here. Happy and healthy, good friend for my chiweenie.

    Julie Thomas

  • Very helpful and friendly staff.

    Cristina Jackson

  • Overall review, amazing fish and plant selection, amazing staff, overall wonderful place to go for you fish. However just get driftwood/ decorations somewhere else. If your getting a first tank, just get it here, Read rest of review for in depth detail.

    Definitely a wonderful place to get new fish. I am currently setting up a 10 gallon tank, and I am planning to plant it soon. I went to the store to get some new fish to go with my tetras. They had so many options, but i decided on getting 6 zebra danios and a clownfish (yes I will upgrade the clownfish to a bigger tank this year, probably with my other fish too). The staff were amazing and got exactly what i asked for, two males and 4 females! They also had a-lot of cichlids, which i might be getting later (2+ years probably) They had convict cichlids, peacocks, more peacocks, and i think some South American cichlids, but Im not 100% sure. They also said they would probably order shell dwelling cichlids. They had quite a few plants, as well as a-lot of tetras, and small, med, large, and XL plecos. Clown plecos,Pictus catfish, upside down catfish, tiger barbs, glo tiger barbs, plattys, Molly, ect, ect. But they didn’t have good driftwood or decoration. And If your looking for a bigger tank, they had some good deals here. There was a 29 gallon set (tank, filter heater, lid, basic stuff) for $149.99, or somewhere around that price, a 55 gallon set for $250, and a 20 gallon tank for like $30 i think (just tank). Overall, the staff are very helpful, and if you a new fish keeper, your gonna want someone who helps out a-lot so you don’t kill your fish. And I am referring to the staff I had, you may get a different staff, IDK. Anyways, wonderful products for starting/upgrading. Honestly, if your starting off, start here.

    Gabriel Gurley

    Gabe Gurley

  • Great customer service, the owners really care about there clients and will help you find the right pet for your family
    We will be forever customers

    Caralyn Reynolds

  • Everything you need for a pet and staff is amazing

    Dwayne Mcfarlane

  • I purchased my puppy was a year ago now, .. this review is long overdue, but wanted to wait for a true review. I have to admit that at first I was very skeptical about buying a puppy from a pet store but my experience has changed my view, at least on this particular pet store. I was looking for a dog to fill the hole left of my heart after my other one passed away after 12 joyful years, at first it was a little rocky when I brought my puppy home he did develop kennel cough but Petland was true to their word, they did help me with the vet bill, it was through a third party so you have to get the paperwork right. They were just so kind in that store, they make purchasing your next Pet very easy, ..I want to give a big shout out to say THANK YOU Petland for helping to fill that void in my heart because without you I don't think I would have gotten the awesome puppy that I now have, he has turned out to be better than I even imagined, even better manners that my last one! I tell everyone where I got my new best friend 🙂 Blessings.

    Sam E

  • Eric is extremely awesome love his energy; such a great guy and Grace is so sweet... love this place

    Porscha Ford

  • Staff was very friendly and helpful. Store was clean. Selection was a little less than I would like but I was able to make do with what they had.

    J M

  • Our experience was awesome. Got the perfect dog to help me with my stress. Thanks

    Jerry Delebreau

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