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Petland Puppy Warranty


The puppy warranted by Petland Pensacola & Petland Ft Walton to the original purchaser, in accordance with Florida law section 828.29, to receive a certificate of inspection with each puppy. Such a certificate shall list all vaccines and deworming medications administered to the puppy and show that the puppy was examined by a Florida licensed veterinarian who has certifies that to the best of his/her knowledge, the pet was found to have been healthy at the time of veterinary examination.


Activate your puppy’s limited 14 day warranty by having your new pet examined by a veterinarian, within 5 business days of the purchase date.


If the puppy develops any health concerns directly related to their stay at Petland within the first 14 days after departure, warranted/covered medical expenses will be provided through reimbursement exclusively through Solutions.pets, a third-party company.

If for any reason you choose to take your puppy to an EMERGENCY VET CLINIC or NEEDS to be hospitalized within the 14-day health warranty, needs to be notified immediately and prior approval for reimbursement, up to $2,000, is required.

Hypoglycemia is NOT covered by this warranty. The total warranty cost shall not exceed the purchase price of the puppy.


Should a veterinarian diagnose, prior to the puppy’s first birthday, a hereditary or congenital disorder that is interfering with the puppy’s ability to lead a normal life, Petland will allow the puppy’s return for full credit of the original purchase price towards another puppy or will reimburse for medical treatment undertaken to remedy the condition up to the original purchase price of the puppy. Pursuant to this extended warranty, prior to the puppy’s second birthday, Petland will allow 50% credit of the puppy’s original purchase price to satisfy the warranty. Prior to the puppy’s third birthday, Petland will allow 25% credit of the puppy’s original purchase price to satisfy the warranty. Petland must be given a veterinarian’s written report within 14 days of diagnosis, and prior to any treatment for this warranty to be valid. Under Florida Law, Petland has the right to require the customer to produce the pet for examination by a licensed veterinarian designated by the retailer. The total warranty cost shall not exceed the purchase price of the puppy.


a) Petland will offer all options in accordance with Florida Law to any customer approved for a warranty claim. b) medical treatment under this warranty applies only to medical conditions clearly in effect before the puppy left Petland. Medical conditions that develop after purchase, which are not a result of the puppy’s stay at Petland, are the responsibility of the purchaser. Petland does not reimburse for: vaccinations, deworming, flea treatments, heart worm preventative, office fees, prescription foods, testing performed with negative results, unnecessary tests performed to treat or diagnose, emergency clinic visits, euthanasia or for conditions directly resulting from the customer’s negligence including but not limited to hypo-glycemia. c) The puppy is provided only as a companion pet. Petland does not warrant that the purchaser will be able to use the puppy for showing or breeding purposes. d) Petland does not warrant size, temperament, trainability, social ability, deafness, blindness or allergies of the puppy. e) Petland does not recognize DNA tests of any kind and is not responsible for errors, omissions, or misrepresentations by third parties. f) Petland is not responsible for any other pets that may have been allowed to contract an illness from the puppy. g) Petland warrants the puppy to the original purchaser only and warranties apply only to this puppy. If a puppy should pass away, a necropsy needs to be presented to for consideration of an reimbursement. The reimbursement would be in the form of a replacement puppy, not money back.


Petland makes every effort possible to provide the finest companion pet and to encourage the customer to make informed decisions before purchasing a pet. Reasons such as allergies, landlord disputes, family disputes, change of heart, incompatibility with other animals, behavioral issues, etc. are not considered appropriate reasons to return a puppy. In accordance, no return, refund, or exchange will be available unless one of the following conditions is met—A veterinarian certifies in writing the pet to have been unfit for sale, at the time of purchase, and other requirements provided by Florida law have been met. Customer will receive a full refund of the purchase price. If the customer makes a decision to return the puppy within forty-eight hours of purchase, the customer must pay a return-administration fee equaling 50% of the puppy’s purchase price or $350 (whichever is greater).

Petland directs all pet owners with warranty claims & questions to, a third-party company, for any required assistance. You may call them any time at 1-877-658-5155 You may fax any documents to them at 1-877-265-5777. Their website is where you may submit your claim or questions electronically any time of day.

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