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Winter Freeze Warning for Your Pups

Winter Freeze Warning for Your Pups

December 9, 2019

Winter is just around the corner and sadly, that means it’s our responsibility to ensure that no pets are left out in the cold.  This article will discuss the reasons that we do not recommend keeping any pets outdoors in the winter months.

Whether your dog spends 10 minutes or 10 hours outside, there are things that you need to take into consideration. Before you plan any outside time for Fido, you need to think about the temperature outside, the weather conditions and whether or not your dog is physically able to spend long periods of time outdoors in these conditions.

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If your canine companion is a senior, a small or teacup breed, hairless or has a very thin coat or they have a medical condition that makes them more susceptible to the cold, they should not be outdoors any more than necessary. The cold temperatures force the body to work harder to stay warm and can take a toll on your dog’s circulatory and immune system. Elderly, young, or immune-compromised dogs are particularly at risk for developing an illness as a result of exposure to the cold.

Frigid temps can cause dogs to act in desperation 

Dogs are living, sentient beings and it is not beyond them to do anything it takes to survive. Out of desperation to seek out warmth and companionship, keeping dogs outside in winter may cause them to break out of their yard and hurt themselves or others. Avoid this happening by treating your dog as a member of the family and keeping them indoors!

Unhappy Dogs Will Vocalize

Have you ever heard that “annoying” barking dog in the neighborhood? That’s what happens when a dog becomes bored, lonely, or in need. Leaving your dog outside in winter will result in your dog becoming one of those “annoying dogs” too. Your dog will vocalize for exercise and stimulation, but they will also vocalize because they are uncomfortable and cold and because they are LONELY! Keep your dog indoors with you and stop that nuisance barking that’s driving your neighbor’s crazy.

It is Possible for Your Dog to Freeze to Death

Keeping dogs outside in winter can lead to frostbite and hypothermia, but more importantly, they can freeze to death. Depending on if your dog has access to a well-insulated shelter and just how cold it is outdoors, and whether your dress up the pup in proper dog winter clothes, most dogs can freeze to death in minutes without protection.

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